Because we offer spacious rooms with bathrooms to provide our guests with maximum sleeping comfort, we have equipped them with specially designed beds. They have been optimally profiled and carefully finished with the use of pleasant and very durable materials.

All rooms have glazed verandas, thanks to which you can enjoy relaxation. Our guests also have access to WI-FI and TV.






  • You don't need cash with us. We also accept payment cards: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard.
  • To make a reservation, you must pay a deposit of 60% of the total amount to our account.
  • Cancellation of arrival associates with the loss of the deposit.
  • The fact of making a reservation is tantamount to accepting the regulations of Willa Dąbrówka.
  • Our prices should be supplemented with a climatic tax, charged by the city of Karpacz, in the amount of PLN 2.40 for each day of stay.
  • The fee for a pet's stay is PLN 10 per night. It is possible after obtaining the consent of the hosts and provided that it is provided with appropriate bedding.


  • towel change: PLN 10
  • bed linen replacement: PLN 25 / set
  • additional room cleaning: PLN 50

Come on! Send message, and we will try to resolve your doubts.

To make the stay at Willa Dąbrówka pleasant and safe for all our guests, we have prepared these regulations. Commencement of the stay is tantamount to its acceptance.

  1. The hotel day lasts with us from 2:30 p.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  2. On the day of departure, please check the room on time. Leaving it after 11 o’clock or at least leaving things there may treat as an extension of your stay. In this case, the fee for the next day will be charged — according to the price list in force with us.
  3. If there is a problem with the timely return of the room, we can agree to extend the hotel day. Please report such requests by 9 am on the day of departure. We will then check the reservations made and see what can be done in this matter.
  4. Our guests are not entitled to transfer the rented room to third parties.
  5. People who are not checked in at our guest house may stay on its premises only if it has been previously agreed with the hosts.
  6. The presence of unregistered people at Villa Dąbrówka after 10 p.m. is associated with the obligation to accommodate them, for a fee, in the room of the people who invited them. The fee for the stay charge according to the current price list.
  7. Meals serve in the form of a Swedish table, which means that the dishes must be eaten on the spot. It is not possible to take food outside the canteen. However, there is an option to buy a provision (we encourage people going on a trip to the mountains to do so).
  8. During their stay in our guesthouse, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by adults.
  9. Legal guardians are fully responsible for any damage caused by their children.
  10. We want the comfortable beds with which we have equipped the rooms to serve our present and future guests well. That is why we have introduced an absolute ban on jumping on them.
  11. We want to provide each of our guests with maximum comfort of rest, so in the event of damage to the bed (even seemingly minor), we will not delay its replacement. Such an operation carries considerable costs. The purchase of a new bed itself is an expense of PLN 1,300 (+ VAT). To this should be added the costs of transport (PLN 300 + VAT) and losses resulting from the fact that we lose one accommodation for a while.
  12. Smoking and tobacco products are strictly prohibited at Willa Dąbrówka. It applies to both the common space and the rooms.
  13. A person who is proven to breach the smoking and tobacco ban will be charged with the costs of dearomatization of the room. This means an expense of PLN 500.
  14. There is a hotel day from 10:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m
  15. We want all guests to have a good rest. Therefore, we ask you to avoid activities that could disturb the peace of others during the curfew.
  16. Our guests are fully financially and legally responsible for any damage to the furnishings of Willa Dąbrówka. This applies to events caused by their fault and procured by their visitors.
  17. In order to minimize the risk of a fire, we have introduced a ban on the use of heaters and other electrical devices that are not part of the guesthouse’s equipment in the rooms and other rooms. The restrictions, which are mentioned, do not apply to chargers and power supplies for RTV devices and computer equipment.
  18. We do not have a deposit, so we cannot take money, securities or any other valuables for safekeeping. Our liability for loss or damage to items brought into the guest house govern by Art. 846-849 of the Civil Code.
  19. It is the responsibility of our guests to check that the door to the room properly close before leaving.
  20. At Willa Dąbrówka, it is forbidden to transfer items of equipment between rooms.
  21. Dishes (plates, cups, cutlery) may only be removed from the canteen with the consent of the staff.
  22. We offer our guests free parking spaces in the unguarded car park right in front of the building. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the nearest guarded car park locates at 30 Nad Łomnica Street.
  23. We are not responsible for the loss or damage to a car or other vehicle belonging to the guests of Willa Dąbrówka.
  24. We provide services at a level consistent with the declared standard. In the event of any objections to the quality of our services, please immediately report comments to the staff. This will enable us to react quickly.
  25. We do not provide our guests with bath towels, nor do we guarantee, as part of our standard services, the daily change of towels and bed linen, which is consistent with the categorization of Willa Dąbrówka. On request of overnight guests, we can make such an exchange for a fee. The cost of the service includes in the current price list.
  26. Guests who visit our hotel in the period from spring to autumn can use the infrastructure located in the garden: a barbecue or a place for a bonfire, as well as a ping-pong table.
  27. In the summer, we provide our guests with our climbing wall. Such activity is possible only in the presence of a person authorized by us to care for this facility and provided that the necessary safeguards apply.
  28. Before leaving, guests who plan to leave the hotel room require checking if the taps close and the windows close and disconnecting the devices that use electricity (i.e., lighting and TV) from the mains.
  29. Please inform our staff about your planned departure half an hour in advance. This time allows us to prepare to receive the room.
  30. To pass the room, you must personally hand over the key to us. If it turns out that the key lost somewhere, a fee of PLN 100 (+ VAT) will be charged.
  31. Please pay the full amount on arrival. In the case of longer stays, we can extend this period by 2 days, counting from the moment of checking in the hotel.
  32. Our prices should be supplemented with a climatic tax, charged by the city of Karpacz, in the amount of PLN 2.30 for each day of stay.
  33. The willingness to come to us with an animal should be reported before making a reservation. This will help to avoid misunderstandings, as not every pet accept at Villa Dąbrówka. It is strictly forbidden to bring animals into the dining room on the premises of our guesthouse.
  34. In accordance with applicable regulations, it is possible to cancel a reservation. The issues regarding the refund of the advance payment depend on when we are informed by our guests about such a decision.
  35. We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to guests who grossly violate the provisions of these regulations. Such persons, at the request of our staff, should immediately pay the amounts due for the services provided so far and for any damage caused by their fault, and then leave the facility.
  36. In order to guarantee our guests the comfort and safety of rest, the staff may refuse to accept a person who grossly violated the provisions of these regulations during their previous stay. This applies in particular to people involved in the destruction of the property of the guesthouse and in activities to the detriment of other guests or staff, as well as disturbing the peace.


  1. The condition for making a reservation is a deposit of 30% of the total amount to the account provided by us.
  2. Cancellation of arrival associates with the loss of the deposit. You will get your down payment back only if a sanitary-epidemiological station attests to your COVID-19 quarantine.
  3. People organizing stays of organized groups, planned for more than 4 days, may cancel their reservation free of charge — at the latest 21 days before the start of the stay. If the resignation concerns stays for up to 4 days, the advance payment will be refunded, provided that you inform us about this fact at least 14 days before the planned arrival.
  4. Cancellation of the reservation up to 10 days before the planned arrival results in the necessity to pay the amount of 50% of the total amount due. When we receive such information within 10 to 2 days before the planned start of the stay, this amount increases to 80%. If you cancel your arrival 48 hours in advance or less, you must pay the full payment.
  5. In the event of a shortening of the stay, not due to our fault, we do not reimburse the costs incurred by the guests.